What we do

For more than 20 years, the AG SESB has been the voice for the State Europe School Berlin (SESB) as a school form in discussions with Berlin politicians, the senate administration and other interest groups. We strive to ensure that the key elements of the SESB are maintained as the founders intended. We do this on various different levels:


- As the mouthpiece of the SESB, we have close personal contact with the individual locations. We try to invite representatives of every location to our meetings. In this way we can combine valuable information from the locations, collect best practice examples and provide the locations with targeted advice in the case of conflict.


- With our regular meetings we encourage the exchange of information amongst the SESB locations.


- We ask the educational spokespersons of the individual parties in the Berlin House of Representatives for support and an extension of the SESB. We also organise public podium discussions with them.


- We are also active in parent and school committees throughout Berlin on order to make the interests of the SESB visible.


- We meet regularly with representatives of the senate administration for an exchange of information.


- We make our position known publicly on issues concerning SESB - either through reader letters, public consultations or on our website.




If you need more information about our activities or our meetings, please contact us, we will be happy to assist.